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Friday, July 5, 2013

Love in the House by Chris and Wendy Jeub~a Book Review

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After finishing up three of my book selections for the year, I decided to "jump ship" and read some extra books not listed. Several "freebies" were announced for Kindle, and some sweet friends recommended a few. So, off on a rabbit trail I went. I tend to be drawn towards life stories, especially those with a meaning in them--living out their faith in Christ.

The first one, free for a time but now back up to $9.95 for the Kindle, has been an amazing read! I would pay the full price for it--yeah, it's that good.

You see, I have been obsessed enamored with large families for many years now. One of my favorite shows is 19 Kids and Counting, starring the Duggar family. Odd since I am an only child and that I "only" have 4 kids. Anyhoo-I have always been a fan of these shows and movies. Kids by the Dozen (which featured the Jeub family), 19 Kids and Counting, United Bates of America, John and Kate plus 8, Cheaper by the Dozen, and Yours, Mine and Ours. 

The first three of these shows listed are some of the most uplifting, encouraging shows you will ever watch. I know we only see what is on TV, and families have problems that we DON'T see, yet it is such an encouragement for me to sit down and watch something inspiring. Something that prods me deep within and challenges me just a little.

I have heard of the Jeub Family before, mainly from the show Kids by the Dozen. When I saw a few homeschooling pages that I follow on Facebook mentioning this book was currently free, I jumped on it! And, let me tell you, I have not regretted it one bit!

Love in the House by Chris and Wendy Jeub is a book of encouragement. Not only does it tell their story, and includes some tips for large families, but it's central theme is love. Love for God and love for others. This isn't a modern day parenting book offering you "Ten Steps to Taming Your Child" or something promising you no fail parenting tips. It is quite simply, a book about love. Does it include "suggestions" for parents? YES! But they are not formulas promising you a better behaved child in only 10 days. It's all about loving your child. Showing grace to your child, yet disciplining them in LOVE. It is filled with Scriptures to back up their belief, one of the most important being Jesus' statement that the greatest command is to love God, and equally important, to love one another. To not "exasperate" your child (yep, this is Scriptural too!).

The Jeub's have a wonderful way with words. They have a wonderful heart for the greatest commandment--LOVE. They tell of a story of their "prodigal" child and how it was LOVE that brought them back together again. Sound similar to the Prodigal Son in Luke 15:11-24?

I have read both books from the Duggar Family, and am anxiously awaiting "Growing Up Duggar" by the oldest Duggar girls. It isn't due out until March of next year though. 

These families share so many wonderful, easy tips. Yet, unlike modern parenting books, they are filled with grace and love. They are filled with dealing more with your child's heart than dealing with a "behavior" or "discipline" problem. They seek to turn the child's heart towards Jesus, and towards their family. Believe me when I say it--you will be blessed by these families!!!

Our "Vision Statement" in our homeschool, is this:
Philippians 4:8~ Finally, brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy-meditate on these things. (NKJV)

Whether choosing homeschool curriculum, or things to watch or read, I try to remember this verse and gauge it by. To be legalistic? NO. I know how focusing on wrong things makes me feel-sad, depressed, angry, etc.--so I am CHOOSING to focus on the lovely things in life.

How "big" is your family? Have you found modern day parenting books/formulas to be a "waste"? Are you ready to LOVE your child and turn their hearts towards love? 

Share some of your favorite inspirational books/quotes/movies with us!!

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