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Friday, July 26, 2013

B.O.W. Discussion Day!!

I hope you are enjoying Desperate by Sarah Mae and Sally Clarkson. It has been like a breath of fresh air to see someone share their testimony and encouragement in this beautiful calling of motherhood! Some days it is hard girls, real hard. But remember, with the Lord by your side, you can do this. We have so many modern conveniences these days, that I imagine many of our great-grandparents would giggle at a title of a book like this. Maybe even our grandparents. The problem with our 'modern conveniences'? They have turned us into an 'on demand' society. Impatient. Must be entertained. Must be something better out there. NO! God calls children a blessing, and He even says that they are a reward from Him. The beauty of this book is in developing a community with other moms, as well as seeking out older women mentors (Titus 2 style).

Today is the day to share! Share your favorite quotes, your favorite parts of the video, answers to the questions, or whatever the Lord lays on your heart.

Here were a few quotes that really stood out to me:

"Many of my ideals were good, but the standard I set for myself to meet them was completely unrealistic." 
"The reason it hurt so much when I couldn't live up to my ideal was because I had imposed an impossible standard on myself." (p. 5)

Let that sink in ladies. We are in a more competitive world than ever. TV, blogs, books, friends, and social media. Comparison trap. While many of these outlets mean well, especially blogs and books, it can cause us to question ourselves and the unique qualities God gave us as a mom. We try to copy someone else hoping for a better outcome or a better life. Not going to happen. We should take suggestions, that is what mentoring is all about, but we should never compare ourselves to anyone. The nasty sin of coveting rears it's ugly head before we even know it. 

Something that we, as mothers, should do daily is found on page 9. Pray, "Lord, teach me how to be a mother." because "each of us has a story, but God, who originated the design of motherhood, is the expert advisor to whom we should turn." And, in doing that, "He will provide all we need for the task He has given us to fulfill. But to hear from God we must become women of the Word and women who pray, so that His voice may lead us as we grow into this role with grace." 
Wow! We MUST be women of the Word, and women of prayer. My grandmother is the most godly woman I know. She has lived her life in the Word and on her knees. Is she perfect? No-she is human. But, she knows where to turn for everything. Her prayers have covered many of us for years and I always swore that when she walked in the room, it was like God came with her (this was before I became a Christian). Her prayers, and her love for the Word, wore off on me. I learned more from watching her than I ever did by anything she ever spoke to me. Same with my mom. I remember coming home many nights to see her sitting at the kitchen table, elbow deep in her Bible and study tools. I remember being prayed for over an earache. A toothache. A staying out late problem. These women persevered in prayer for me and modeled a life of loving the Word. 

Question time!!! I want to hear from you. Did you write down your fears and write a prayer, giving those fears to the Lord? 

My prayer was rather lengthy, and we are currently doing a study with Online Bible Studies on praying Scripture, so imagine my delight as I put pen to paper and several verses poured out.

Share your favorite quotes, answers to the questions, prayer or whatever stood out the most to you. What the Lord spoke to you about during this time..................

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