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Friday, June 8, 2012

Our Story Part 2

The next day, we were transferred to the first of many children's hospitals-in search for answers, second opinions, just support in general. What we soon found, were doctors just as confused as we were and MANY varying opinions. While writing this, the verse James 1:8 comes to mind: he is a double minded man, unstable in all he does. (NKJV). That would describe the doctors, interns, residents, students, as well as myself. I am an RN, had been for 5 years up to this point. Mainly working the Emergency Department. I knew what they were saying. I questioned many things only to get, "Oh, that's not important!". Hmm...brain asymmetry NOT important? Soon, they began to warn others about "that nurse mom in room...". I became what I thought was my child's leading researcher. I spent so much time on the computer looking up things it 'could' be, things they were saying, tests, and the US News and World Report rankings of children's hospitals for neurology. My family doctor stayed in close contact with us as well, advising as he could--his son was in Neurology rotation at the time, and trying to get us into other hospitals for a second opinion. You see, at this point, my son's seizures looked strange. Finger twitching. That. Was. It. Try typing that into a search engine. The residents all said it was not seizure activity and perhaps he was faking. Well, they didn't have him hooked up to an EEG monitor so how would they know? Finally, we went home. Once home and off the massive amounts of IV medications, his 'true' seizures began to manifest. Mainly contained to his right arm. My child is a DOMINANT lefty, and for this, I found myself thanking God. Even when it would paralyze that arm for hours at a time. But, this would be our 'best days' for a long time. Soon, the seizures amped up to almost 50 a day. He had been in and out of the hospital. Tried on every med. Declared allergic to most. One med, the one that seemed to help him, caused a horrible blister like rash that almost went into what is called Stevens Johnson Syndrome--not a good thing for an 11 year old to have. God was faithful. He heard my many cries, and I was comforted. Several people commented on how calm I seemed given his condition. I can only attribute that to God--I haven't felt that before.

One night, not long after all of this started, he was having really bad seizures--lasting longer, still his right arm but his leg was starting to bother him too. We rushed him up to the children's hospital (over an hour away). While waiting for the intern, Bryce got a scared look on his face. He said he heard screams. Suddenly, he went into a long seizure and was grabbing at his neck--he couldn't breathe. The nurse and intern came in the room and were filling his IV with meds. Actually, ever the nurse, they were pushing them way too fast which was contributing to his inability to breathe. I began praying and asking God not to let him go this way. I was preparing myself to say goodbye. He looked horrible! Finally, after much meds and the interns screaming "Stop fighting the medicine! Just go to sleep!", the seizure calmed down. At this point we had a resident and several of our 'favorite' interns in the room. We will never forget them. I heard Bryce mumbling something I couldn't understand. Our favorite resident, Dr. White, looked at us and said "Does anyone in your family speak a foreign language?" I didn't initially know what she was talking about and jokingly said, "Well, my grandpa IS German." Lo and behold I turn around and Bryce IS speaking in a 'different' language. He was walking around the room, (this child had enough Ativan and Dilantin to put a Clydesdale down), singing, "I'm saved, I'm saved!". I said, "Your safe?". He said, "No, I am saved". The rest of the night was spent with him singing his way through all the stories of the Bible, how the sacrifice of animals only covered the sins of the people, praying, and speaking in this 'foreign' language. I knew right away that NO MATTER WHAT happened, my son was going to be fine. That is when the peace that surpasses all understanding was guarding my heart and mind in Christ Jesus.
Philiippians 4:6-7~~Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made know to God; (7) and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. (NKJV).
I had already memorized these verses, and they had seen me through very trying times. God had heard my supplications. Soon, I would come to not only understand this 'peace' but to KNOW the peace giver in ways I never had before.