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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

My Reading List 2013-2014 and a Life Lesson...Simplify!

But regarding anything beyond this, dear friends, go easy. There's no end to the publishing of books, and constant study wears you out so you're no good for anything else. The last and final word is this: Fear God. Do what he tells you.
(Ecclesiastes 12: 12-13, The Message)

Books!! Oh how I love them! I have been in a fog the last couple of years and haven't been reading quite as much as I used to. I used to read them through in less than a week and read through the Gospels several times in a year. I lost that passion. 

As I was pondering on this, and reading another blogger's reading list, the verses above came to mind. I looked them up in several translations, and really identified with the Message version. Odd because I normally don't read that version even though I own several versions and several types of Bibles. 

When I look back over the last several years, I see so many books that I have read and MUCH studying that I have done, however, I have neglected nourishing my soul with my Bible, as well as just reading for pleasure. Not to learn something else. Not to fix yet another problem in my life. Just to READ. NONE of the time spent in my love obsession of Inductive Study was wasted, although sometimes I just need to read my Bible and listen for Him to speak to me instead of constant study mode. I even took a Seminary class last fall. In that class, I even wrote a 10 page paper analyzing the prayer of Jesus in John Chapter 17. Yeah, I am a study geek.

This year, actually most of the latter part of the Spring up until now, the word "Simplify" seems lodged spoken in my heart. After the hectic year we have's no wonder! It's time that I listen to that still small voice again and get quiet before Him. It's time to cuddle up with some good books and my Bible. 

My List for 2013-2014 (none of these are affiliate links, just linked for your viewing)

I just finished reading this book last week and was absolutely blown away! It will probably remain as my favorite all time book.

I have already read this book once, but guess what? I am now on my second go through. I am sure I will read it for the third time before the year is over. Yep--it's that good!

Yep, this book is by the same author as the previous book. This was the first one I read, and might I add, one of the homeschool books I would recommend to everyone-as well as Called Home, her other book. She has two amazing blogs, Simply Living for Him and Bible Based Homeschooling on a Budget. And......SQUEAL......I hear that her next book, based upon her year using the Bible as the main text for their school year, and the reason for her latter site, will be released SOON. I cannot wait. IT will also be on this list! Her blogs are SO encouraging and she is a sweet lady-I connected with her when Simply Homeschool came out and reviewed it on Amazon. Ah-maze-ing!!!

I LOVE Courtney's blog over at Women Living Well Ministries. I read it often. I have also done Online Bible Studies, and lead a small group, for Good Morning Girls. *Sigh*, this book is not available until October 1st, but I will be ordering it when it is!

After reading a biography on Gladys Alyward prior to Kisses From Katie, I became fascinated with true stories about Missionaries. Spreading the Gospel all over the world. I am blessed to not only attend a Mission minded church, but to have met two Missionary friends through Proverbs 31 Ministries Online Bible Studies with Melissa Taylor. I am humbled, honored, and amazed to hear about, and at times, (thank you YouTube), to be able to 'watch' their work. It is amazing, but such hard work. I do not have the 'romantic' view of missions...I have seen and heard how hard it really is and how amazing it is to see God provide for them.

This is our book for our Online Bible Study starting July 28th, at Proverbs 31 Ministries Online Bible Studies with Melissa Taylor. There is still time to sign up if you are interested!

This is the final study of this year at Proverbs 31 Ministries Online Bible Studies. I am super excited for this one. I missed it the first time around, and so glad that they decided to revisit this one!

This is not an exhaustive list, I am sure that I will be adding more to it as time goes on. This is only what I have came across so far. We plan to focus A LOT on Missionaries/Mission work this year in school, so I have a ton of items for that. That, however, is for another post. I am really on a biography, non-fiction kick lately so much of my selections will/do reflect that.

So, join me in this path to simplicity if you would like. Share what you are reading this year, or what you have read. Include the impact that the book had on you, if any.


  1. Jennifer looks like some good books and like you I find at times I am not being able to read for "pleasure". I have begun this year to take a fiction book with us when we go to the lease for the weekend and just enjoy reading for pleasure. I may have to order that one on Women Living Well - looks great and of course A Confident Heart and What Happens When Women Say Yes to God is on my bookcase waiting. Hugs Debbie W. (OBS Group Leader)

  2. I find it funny that many of my 'fun' books are still non-fiction, however I do love fiction! I am a Jane Austen buff too! I meant to put some of those on the list and forgot! I have a ton of Christian fiction books too.