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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

B.O.W. Video Day!

Hello friends! By this point, I hope you have been able to read through much of Chapter 1 in Desperate. What an amazing book! Such wise advice for those seeking community, friendship, encouragement and a mentor!

Today is the day to watch the video from Chapter One. Listed on the very last page is a QR code, or for those of you with an ebook, it also lists a website. Both of these link you to a YouTube video, 2-3 minutes each, with Sarah Mae and Sally sharing.

We assigned the Introduction video on Sunday, and wow! There was some great advice in that video. What stood out the most to me, besides the part about needing an older woman to  come alongside of us was this:

Don't read this book alone. The heart of it is community and mentorship. (paraphrased).

You will find even more information in the Chapter 1 video. One thing there that I want to point out, is also mentioned in the book.

God is the true beginning point. (paraphrased)

When we feel our days are long, when we can't seem to go another minute, when we don't even know where to start each day.........God is the true beginning point. You are the mom that your kids need. God designed you and made you....He will help you!

You don't need an "Instruction Manual" for raising your kids. Good books are just that-good books. Something that helped someone maybe made different than you. They are good to use--we use and read them--but remember, God and His Word are the ultimate authority on parenting. His Word is FULL of advice on parenting. We can read books for encouragement, and maybe the Holy Spirit will place in your heart to "try" something. But remember--that book is for what worked for THAT parent, THAT child, and not all of us are alike. However, God's Word is unchanging, it is living and active, and He is the creator of parents as well as children.

Seriously. Get a concordance out and search: Parent, mother, father, children, etc. You will be amazed what you find. I also have a Thompson Chain Bible that has a topical index in the back that shows me where to search for parenting advice. It is listed under: Home.

Looking forward to our discussion of Chapter One on Friday! There are some amazing verses in the back; let them sink deep into your heart.

Have you ever searched the Word for parenting advice?

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