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Friday, May 31, 2013

Curriculum Plans 10th grade 2013-14

The title says "plans" because we are known to "switch things up a bit" from time to time.

Wow! Come fall, we will have a Sophomore around the house! It doesn't seem all. This sweet young boy is growing into an amazing, caring young man.

A big History buff, he has already began to "scout" out colleges. He is very interested in Historical Preservation and Ancient History/Archaeology-primarily Biblical History and Archaeology. His dream would be to excavate in Israel! At one time he was leaning towards Pensacola Christian College, University of Kentucky, and now, "Ole Miss" has been thrown into the mix. The reason? He wants to stay close to Hope Church and he prefers University of Mississippi in Oxford, over Mississippi State in Starkville. He still has time, so we will see. 

It will soon be time for us to visit prospective colleges...and possibly take the PSAT this school year for practice. The Lord knows the plans that He has for Bryce, (Jeremiah 29:11), and whether that is college or not, we will see. But we are preparing. We have also tossed around the thought of dual enrollment in later years. Again, we will see. Proverbs 16:9~ A man's heart plans his way, but the LORD directs his steps. (NKJV)


  • As a family, we will all be working through Foundations 1: Preparation for Christ, from foundations press. It is a multi-level curriculum and includes inductive study and study methods for the olders.
  • Both boys will continue with Boyhood and BeyondCreated for Work and Courageous Teens. My oldest already finished Do Hard Things and Start Here, but we may review it later on. We have some other read alouds that we may incorporate as well.
  • Notgrass World History~technically, this curriculum gives 1 full credit each in Bible, History and English. However, we prefer to have a family Bible time as well, so he will do both. Also, he will be using some supplements for the how, and to fine tune his writing.

English II (World Literature and Composition):
  • Notgrass as the "core". We are also throwing in Principles of Effective Communication and Writers, Inc. as needed for more of the "how" component.
  • Book selections for literature include: Julius Caesar (Shakespeare), The Imitation of Christ (Thomas a Kempis), Here I Stand (Roland Bainton), A Tale of Two Cities (Charles Dickens), Heart of Darkness (Joseph Conrad), Eric Liddell: Pure Gold (David McCasland), Animal Farm (George Orwell), The Abolition of Man (CS Lewis), Mere Christianity (CS Lewis), Pride and Prejudice (Jane Austen-squeal! I LOVE this book!), Pilgrim's Progress (John Bunyan-LOVE this one too!), The Cat of Bubastes (GA Henty), Hiding Place (Corrie Ten Boom-my mamaw's favorite!), and a book called In Their Words, from Notgrass, which has selections of original documents, short stories, poetry, etc. So excited about this one!!

  • Still under construction...wink wink. He finished Algebra I this year with Math U See and we were not really thrilled with the program, nor his retention with it. We used both Algebra I and Epsilon for his younger brother. His younger brother was never so happy to be done with a subject in all of his life (haha!). Neither was mama.
  • Health, counting as 1/2 credit. We are using the Total Health package from My Father's World, which includes a schedule. As a nurse, I love Health and I love the way this text reads. We have many other resources around here he will use as well.

  • Spanish I. His younger brother has worked some on Spanish and French both this year, so we plan to use Switched on Schoolhouse for all three of us. Yes! Mom too! Technically this says for 9th-12th, but I am going to let my 7th grader "try" it. 

  • Geology. My History/Archaeology loving son is going to be using LifePacs from Alpha Omega. We have used these for other subjects years ago, so we are familiar with this. This will count as 1/2 credit as well. We will also be using sources from Answers in Genesis to give it somewhat more of an Apologetic flair.

Lord willing, this will all work out and will give him 7 credits for the year. Much prayer, research, bad buys and advice have went into this year. We are a very eclectic and somewhat relaxed bunch. We believe in teaching our children to love learning and tend towards a somewhat delight-directed approach, letting them choose many things as we filter through them together.

Have you began planning for next year yet? With a probable move on the horizon this summer, we had to "get in gear" pretty early this year and packed each child's work for the year in baskets that we can just pick up and go with.


  1. Jennifer, this looks great. Tell me more about the writing program/component you're using.

    1. Christian Liberty Press Application of Grammar book 4 is pictured above. We will also use Writer's Inc and a ton of source/citation/how to books I have from so many years in college. Just to supplement and teach the how.