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Monday, June 24, 2013

Our Story part 6

After the amazing night I witnessed with my son, I knew it was time to do something about it. Our friend, the Neurologist's nurse, was amazed as well. She knew that a new MRI needed to be performed-specifically the one that they were unable to get to better locate the "trouble area" and keep them from going in "blind" during surgery. She told me that the new MRI was scheduled for the next week and to bring him right away, very early that morning.

The rest of the weekend was pretty amazing. We didn't "see" any seizures out of him. This was the first time in over a month that my son had been free of these things. Could they have disappeared as quickly as they came? His right arm and hand gradually began gaining a little more strength. We were able to sleep a little better at night, although we still slept with "one eye open."

The next week rolled around. We got up bright and early-not so easy for a kiddo on a lot of meds or parents lacking sleep, not only due to the seizures, but because we had a 7 month old and 2 year old as well. We headed to a different MRI "suite" this time. Instead of in the Radiology Department, this one was completed in the outside truck. Because of the nature, and the tests required during it, it seemed like hours before he came out. To this day I am still amazed how many tests, especially MRI's, that this kid went through unsedated. That machine scares me to death!

We went home assured that we would be contacted with the results when they became available. In medical speak, that could be a day or it could be a week. Since his case was so complex, we were counting on the latter as a bare minimum.

During the wait time, he was still taking Physical and Occupational Therapy. He began to increase a little in strength. The Physical Therapist, a loving man I had the privilege to work with for several years, noticed a big difference in him. He came over and sat next to me and said, "Wow! What happened? That kid must have a GREAT Therapist!" He was grinning from ear to ear. I just asked him, "Have you ever heard of the power of prayer?"' I was amazed myself. I KNEW there was only one explanation, but I was truly in awe myself. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. All those tears wondering if he would ever talk normally again. If he would ever regain the strength in his right arm/hand again-he had let it lay limp for so long and many times we had to move it around for him as he lay in bed or sat at the computer.

Yet here he was, at Physical Therapy, using it. It wasn't "tied" to the machine anymore. Granted, it was still weak, but they didn't have to tie it to the machine to exercise it. He was playing the Wii to work on his balance. I couldn't believe it. Another co-worker and friend who was there with her husband at the time, was amazed at his progress as well. Her husband was too and even he was making a pretty fantastic recovery. I wanted to cry. Actually, I think I may have shed a tear or two.

Still waiting for the phone call, we began to live life as "normal" as we could, which was far more "normal" than it had been for some time. We were getting anxious for the test results to come back. Surgery was STILL scheduled and it was creeping up on us. A little over a week and a half away. I was adamant that he was not going into that surgery suite until we had some answers.

We headed to town for some things and were on the way home, driving on our curvy road. My cell phone rang. It was the Neurology office! We had been waiting for this call for some time. Figuring the call would take some time and my full attention, I pulled over to the side of the road and answered it......

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