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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Online Fellowship for Moms Starting Up!

Have you ever prayed for a Titus 2 friend? One who would encourage you right where you are, in the day to day reality of motherhood? How about fellowship in a community of other moms living right where you are? Encouraging one another in this beautiful calling of motherhood, as well as in your marriage?

Something has laid heavy on my heart for a while, as I have prayed for years for like minded friends and Titus 2 mentors. Much of our interaction today is "virtual" as we raise babies, some homeschool, and others work from home. The days are long, and the nights seem short.

I would like to introduce you to just such a community starting up. Built on Wisdom, from Proverbs 14:1~ The wise woman builds her house, but with her own hands the foolish one tears hers down. 

This community would bring together women from all walks of life. Spurring one another on in the admonition and love of the Lord Jesus Christ, their spouse, and their children.

How would this work? Well, a lot like a book club combined with fellowship. We will pick a book to read over a period of time-1 chapter a week as to not keep you too busy with community and neglect your household. A short weekly Bible reading would be included. For more sense of community, a Facebook page would be started. A day or two a week, we would discuss what we are reading, what we are learning, and any other concerns you may have. Many of these books are written by those I consider to fit the bill perfectly for Titus 2:4-5.

Many of us have a hard time finding time for interaction, or even those who are in the stage of life we are in. This would create a way to fellowship with women from all over, in every walk of life. To laugh together, to cry together, and to grow together. 

*UPDATE- one day a week, we will also include fun activities and recipes for you to do over the weekend with your kids! Many of these ideas will come from my own kids. From time to time, there will also be meal planning sheets/advice, planning, etc. I am also contacting "mentors" to guest post from time to time. Stay tuned!!

Not all book selections will always focus on homeschool, but occasionally we will see those that do. Feel free to skip the studies when we do those if they do not apply. None of these are affiliate links, please click the links to read more about each book. These are the ones up for consideration for the first study:
The Mission of Motherhood by Sally Clarkson

SO many choices.....and I have tons more, but that is for a later date. question to you is, are you interested in joining? Dates to be announced later after I see how many are interested. For the Facebook community, go 'like' my page and let me know there, that you would like to be placed in the group. We will have to become 'friends' on my personal FB page as well, more info on that later.

Share below if this is something you would interest you.


  1. Several have signed up via FB so far. Right now, either Sally Clarkson book is winning out.

  2. Desperate is a phenomenal book! It's one that should be a gift at every baby shower!

    1. I LOVE how it includes videos in the back!!

  3. I would definitely be interested in this.

    1. We would absolutely love to have you! Contact me on my FB page if you would like in the private group. I will also be blogging about it on here as well. The link to my page is in the top right corner of this blog or search Faith Hope and Homeschool on Facebook. God bless!!