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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Our Story Addition-Pictures

I wanted to add an addendum and some pictures so that you could 'see' where he was, to where he is now. Even though I haven't finished the story, I just felt like I needed to post this. There was also a 'dark' period which I didn't mention much in the other posts and, since many of you have asked questions, I wanted to add that in here. The hospital pictures come from when he was in EPC, or Epilepsia Partialis Continua, and was in a month long seizure, with residual weakness, most defined in his right arm but eventually to a degree, all over. The big blessing we saw in this period is that my son is a dominant lefty. He doesn't usually ever do anything with his right arm anyway. A silver lining that we were thanking God for.

At his aunt's wedding with his Granny, (June 2009), 3 months before his first seizure (11 years old):

Our first day in the other hospital, where we sought a second opinion, October 2009:

At his worst point, too many meds running through his veins and why we went back to the primary hospital, October 2009:

A picture of me a little over one year prior, with our third child (date on picture is wrong-my daughter was born in June of 2007 lol):

A picture of him and I, again at the second hospital, again on way too much medicine (the left arm was weak too at this point, that is why it is hanging):

Ordinarily, I waiver between 145-150 lbs and wear anywhere from a size 10 to a size 14 depending on if I have recently had a baby--I have 4 lol!! I mention this because this was the 'dark' period. While we were in both hospitals during the October stay, I had to go shopping a few times until I finally gave up and just wrapped my belt tighter. In that month alone, I dropped down to 120ish lbs. and was in a size 4. I have NEVER been in a size 4, except when I was 4. The shirt I have on almost hit my knees because it was an XL and I was in a S now. 

I spent many hours, many days, many nights, pacing hallways. Going down to the underground garage to pray, to cry, to scream, to crank up "Jesus Calling" by 33 Miles and "Praise You In This Storm" by Casting Crowns. To call my now deceased beloved grandmother, and my other beloved "Elijah" grandmother--both prayer warriors--begging them to pray for us. For him. Reaching out to other friends and families. Calling our family doctor for advice and help. Calling my nursing friends and the hospital I worked at for advice. SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP US!! Crying out to Jesus so hard. Begging Him to help us. 

Then, in the other hospital, pacing outside to look at the fountain, calling my Pastor, begging them to pray for us. Walking to the Ronald McDonald house but never really sleeping. His dad and I took shifts. He stayed up with him during the night while I 'rested', (yeah right), then me and my mom took the day shift while my husband rested. Deep in my heart I believed God could stop this at any time. Deep in my heart I knew Jesus was right there with me. 

I had suffered severe post-partum panic attacks just 4 months prior to his first seizure.While God healed me of those, I still suffered residual anxiety attacks, originally thought to be from a post-partum hormonal imbalance (a lot went wrong with me after our daughter was born in March of this same year, 2009). I didn't have time to pay attention to those. 

I spent much time in prayer, writing a letter to God, digging my nose in my Bible, and taking care of him. There was a peace upon me, that I couldn't even describe. Yes, I had my times of crying and praying, but it was more because I wanted God to heal him now....soon...and I couldn't understand why this was happening. I can't explain it. I had times where I worried and wondered, but much of the time I just knew that no matter what the doctors did, no matter what the meds or seizures did, somehow he would be alright. God would take care of him and if something went wrong, God could fix it.

FINALLY, back at the primary hospital where the doctors began to wean him off most of those meds:

The old Bryce was coming back!! Here he is goofing with his Nana (my mom):

I don't know what we would have done without our parents during this whole ordeal. Billy's parents watched the other three kids for us, once almost a month straight. His Granny, my husband's mom, brought his favorite food to the hospital: her homemade mac n cheese and some Dr. Pepper. I thank God for them taking care of them while we traveled all over the place with this one.

 My mom traveled with us and pretty much stayed the whole time with almost all of the hospitalizations. She is my best friend and I needed her so bad--my husband was driving to and from the hospital to work, even staying at his sister's because he was so exhausted. I thank God so much for my mom--my best friend and my rock. 

My dad, who is a truck driver, also took time off and came and spent many nights in the hospital with us. It broke my heart--my dad is a 'tough' guy, but here he was sleeping in a rocking chair beside Bryce's bed holding his hand while Bryce slept, and wiping tears from his own eyes at times. I had never seen my dad like this. Bryce shares my dad's middle name-he was named after him.

Praise God!! Coming back around!! The right arm is starting to get some use in it. We were waiting to go home in this picture. Still on meds, but not near the amount as before:

*the pillow in the background was made by his Granny. My grandma sent a prayer cloth, which we attached to it, and this pillow STILL follows us everywhere today, 4 years later!!

Current pictures to come as the story continues.......thank you for all of your kind words and for the love and support you have shown us during this journey. God has been far better to us than we ever could have imagined.

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  1. This was a terrible, heartbreaking time in our lives and yet it held beauty too, and thanksgiving, when the Lord graced us with His presence. I still stand in awe.

  2. Hauntingly beautiful. God does work in mysterious ways. We may never understand this side of heaven, but God will use this! Blessings on you and your entire, extended family


    1. Thank you Mindy. My son and I just spoke last night of the blessings this trial has brought, as well as the heartaches.

  3. Wow...You are right, what a strong 11 year old! It is so good to hear that he is improving. I hope that he only continues to get better. God is good!

    Visiting from Fellowship on Fridays!