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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Ooka Island~a Mosaic Review Team Review

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Looking for an interesting way to not only teach reading, but to 'test' skills already acquired? A program that tracks comprehension as well as sight reading? Let me introduce you to a fabulous product that the members of the Mosaic Review Team was fortunate enough to review.

Ooka Island turns reading into a game...a fun game at that! Recommended for ages 3-7, or Pre-K to 2nd grade, your little ones will have fun exploring on a 3D island adventure. There are three core features to the program:
  • The eye/ear reading method-according to the website, this feature has a science based foundation.
  • READirect- provides differentiated instruction.
  • The LIGHTHOUSE- this is where you go for online progress reports.
In addition to those three, there are many more features located here. According to the 'about us' page, "the goal is to teach children to read fluently and well through reading instruction that is fun and compelling."

Pricing varies upon the package you choose-the Home edition, the Homeschool edition, or the School edition. Yes, this program IS compatible for classroom instruction. The edition that we were given to review is the Homeschool Edition and the prices are as follows:
  • Family- (up to 4 Homeschool students)- $19.95/month or $149.95 annually.
  • Individual- (1 Homeschool student)- $12.95/month or $124.95 annually.
As you can see, this is an EXCELLENT deal the more kids you have. Shh...even my 12 year old thought the characters were funny and the game looked "cool!"

When my daughters, aged 3 and 5 at the time of review, found out this product came in the mail they were excited to get started RIGHT away! I had to upload it on two laptops so they could each play. They were both given different names. My oldest played as Hero, and my youngest was OokaElf. I couldn't drag these girls away from this game...I think they played at LEAST 2 hours the first day. My oldest is reading pretty well and she was flying through and reading the books but was NEVER bored with it. Here she is the first day:

Not one to be outdone, the 3 year old was ready to get involved as well!!

To a homeschool mama, aka "The Teacher", I was thrilled with what all was included in the reports. MANY reports are available-some examples: Reading Comprehension and Report Card. The reports are VERY detailed, showing: levels, scores on each level and average percentage. The bottoms include detailed explanations as to what is covered in the levels and instructions!! 

Here is the main screen to access your child's reports

An example of what is found on the Reading Comprehension report

Another cool feature of this 'game' is the included ebooks. They really capture the child's attention! I received a report via email from Ooka Island when they finished a book on the "Book Path." It included her success in reading it, a description of the book and what was coming in the next book. It also includes a link to the Ooka Island Lighthouse Dashboard, which is where you retrieve your reports.

This item was a BIG hit at our home. The only con was ONCE when Hero was playing, the screen froze and we had to restart the game but that only happened one time and didn't affect anything.
*Disclaimer for those concerned, Ooka Island states on their website that they DO correlate 100% with the Common Core Reading Standards for Kindergarten and First Grade. For their position on this, check here.

*They are currently offering an ADDITIONAL savings option-30% off! This is in addition to the 37% off an annual family subscription. This special runs through JUNE 1st, 2013!!!
To get this special, simply click here and take advantage of a great deal!

My oldest is reading pretty well, and my youngest is just getting her letters downpat, so we opted not to purchase this for the school year but it will remain on the 'bucket list' of things to explore at a later time because they enjoyed it so much. However, next school never know!!! It's coming up soon!!

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