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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Waterproof Bible!!~a Mosaic Review

I am absolutely thrilled to announce my review of this waterproof Bible available from Bardin Marsee Publishing! I am a Bibleholic and LOVE the crispness of a new Bible, but cherish and treasure my old ones. Highlighted, filled with notes from sermons and personal studies, also passages dated with prayers and studies. I thought I had almost every variety, (except a really cool Homeschool one and a Parallel translation), until I saw this beautiful Bible! Inside, however, I cringed. My mamaw NEVER lets you lay ANYTHING on a Bible--not even a piece of paper, so how was I supposed to 'test' this by immersing it in water? 

My little girls to the rescue!! They love their Bibles too, so it was really "cool" to them to be able to take it into the bathtub with them. They dunked it in a full tub of water, tried to read it, and just kept it in the warm water with them for the length of their bath. They were so excited to try this themselves.

The version that I chose to review was the King James Version. Long a beloved treasure in my formative years--I "cut my teeth" on the KJV, I was thrilled to see it offered. So few new editions of KJV or NKJV are available, as the popularity of other translations rise. However, it was the first Bible I was ever exposed to and therefore holds a special place in my heart.

The Basics:
  • The story behind the creation of this Bible is humbling. (See the Our Story tab on their page). They wanted to be able to take God's word everywhere, regardless of weather or circumstances. Just imagine this with me. Our military men and women? This Bible is safe WHEREVER they are. The Mission field? Regardless whether it takes the missionary to an icy kingdom, monsoon season, a rainforest or anything else--this Bible? Yeah, it goes too! What a tremendous impact. Not to mention that this Bible is small enough to fit into any knapsack or backpack. Think of the amount of Bibles that could be carried to others!
  • Translations offered: King James Version, New King James Version, ESV, NLT, NIV. Amazing! A Bible for almost every preferred translation! Once again, think about the impact this wonderful Bible could have!!
  • Prices vary depending upon the item you choose. For example-a full King James Version Bible is $44.95, while one with the New Testament, Psalms and Proverbs is $24.95. Since this review is limited to the King James Version, those are the prices I quoted. Click here to choose your preference and see the price and other available items.
  • Dry highlighters are the preferred highlighters to use, as they will not 'rub' off. However, we used a 'liquid' one with success. (see picture below). And this was WHILE the Bible was still wet-not long after removal from the tub.

  • Ball point pens and pencils will also work the best. However, Sharpies, gel pens or roller ball pens will not work well because they need "paper" to absorb the liquid. The pages are slick and smooth to the touch, not the feel of a "traditional" Bible.

Above is a photo of the Bible drying. We just patted it with a towel, patted some of the pages, and then stood it on it's end with the pages fanned open to dry. However--even to have been immersed in a tub, there wasn't much water "running" anywhere! Sure, you could squeeze it and get some out of it but not NEAR what I thought there would be. The pages are truly amazing!

Completely dry in the above picture! This was a process of  a little over a day, but NEVER did the dampness distract from reading it. It didn't leak all over or seep, and you could still highlight even when it was wet!

I am absolutely amazed at this Bible! In a world where it seems like a new Bible or a new translation comes out nearly monthly, THIS Bible is one that I think is a MUST HAVE-especially for a mission minded family or someone serving in the Military. It would make a fabulous gift for someone--especially for those going overseas for mission work. No weather will stop God's word from being spread with this amazing Bible!

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