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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Day in the Life: K and Pre-K

This week we we wrapped up Unit 18 in My Father's World Kindergarten by studying about zebras. Since this is Miss E's favorite animal, it proved to be a very interesting week! We topped it off by driving by the Buffalo Park here to see the zebras out in the field. They had been rolling around in the dust so the girls thought it funny to see 'orange' zebras!

Our reflection verse for the week was, "Nothing in all creation is hidden from God's sight. Everything is uncovered and laid bare before the eyes of Him to whom we must give account." (Hebrews 4:13)
This gave great comfort, not fear, as the trials we have faced lately grow in number and intensity. It was the perfect opportunity to remind us all of God's omnipresence. He is always present in our lives, watching over us with His love and compassion.

(Learning Geography)

Using Apologia's Zoology 3: Land Animals as a reference, we discovered many things about zebras. Above is a picture of Miss E showing where the mountain zebras are found--South Africa. We also reviewed where the kangaroos and penguins lived for Geography.
We have used Apologia Science all but one year of our homeschool journey. Needless to say, it wasn't a very interesting year. As the boys are getting older, we are switching things around a bit. My oldest prefers Abeka for most of his curriculum, so we will be primarily going that route for him. His younger brother? We are still deciding whether to use Apologia's General Science, (his older brother did their Physical Science), or to use the Science contained within another curriculum we have used in the past and LOVED-Heart of Dakota. Most of the girl's work will come from HOD next year. It is so easy to use, Christ centered, and they learned so much! (and it was fun--shh!!!)

(The girls pretending to be zebras for a day)

For Math, they worked on simple addition included in the program, plus the supplemental worksheets I have, along with beginning to learn to tell time. Miss E has that down on a digital clock, but now it is time to teach her 'old school' time telling. (wink wink)
We have also been reviewing a product for the Mosaic Review Team from We Choose Virtues, which has proven quite interesting. The one we are working on goes right along with a character trait they learned not long ago!

(Learning Math the Yahtzee way!)

All of my kids love board games, and the girls are no exception. Miss E plays a mean game of chess and now Yahtzee. Little A is learning, but she rolled a Yahtzee right out of the gate! Too bad she gave up early or she would have beat us all! Using the dice to count made for an interesting break from the repetition of the simple addition worksheets!

For reading, we continue to use Explode the Code and the many books we have laying around. Two that Miss E alternates reading from are the Circle C Series and an Angelina Ballerina series (targeted at 7 year olds and up).

Thank you for stopping by to take a 'peek' into our week! 

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  1. great work, making learning fun, creative too