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Wednesday, February 13, 2013


This is a beautiful pin, created by Veronica Herzing, found here.

Over at Melissa Taylor's Online Bible Studies, we are currently studying the book Let.It.Go. by Karen Ehman- an amazing, challenging, and many times hilarious book! This week, our Reflection Verse was Proverbs 19:21 and we were challenged with a question about this verse-"Have you ever made plans only to have God completely redirect them?" Umm...yes. Many times but I will only share one here. 

Proverbs 19:21~Many are the plans in a person's heart, but it is the Lord's purpose that prevails. (NIV 11).

This verse impacted me hard this week. You see, God has been whispering the word 'persevere' into my heart a lot lately. I have been hit on all sides, so to speak. I have had a lot of moments of doubt, fear and insecurity over the last several months. Not doubting God, mind you, but doubting His purpose for my life. What is of me and what is of Him? And just *how* do you know the difference?

This was never more real for me than about a month or so ago. As one of my OBS sisters teases me-I had a 'Jonah' moment. To me, it was an Elisha's servant moment too (for those of you who read Greater with us). I was too busy looking at the size of the enemy, and not enough time looking at the size of my God OR his army. So--I fled. Gave up. Turned in my notice. But in that moment, a handful of amazing, Jesus loving OBS women surrounded me with encouragement, prayer, and just plain love. I felt surrounded. Hemmed in. Trapped. So, I went to God with it. In that moment, He spoke into my heart that it was Him who had opened these doors and that the enemy was watching me as well. I needed to focus on Him. HIS purpose was going to prevail in my life. HE was going to lead me and guide me. I was never alone--He was always with me. 

I just needed to focus. To focus on the gifts and talents He has given me. To STOP comparing myself to others. Melissa suggested we listen to an awesome sermon by Pastor Steven Furtick. It's called, "It's Not a Competition, It's a Calling". Actually, the WHOLE series is worth listening to. Perspective started to come back. I spent some time speaking with wise friends and praying much. I am still in the seeking phase, but I see the plan a little more clearly now. I am taking it day. by. day.

Proverbs 3:5-6:
Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths. (NKJV)

Ultimately--HIS purpose IS prevailing and I am trying to get out of His way.

(Empty Me by Jeremy Camp)

Learning to Let. It. Go. right beside all of you! 
Jennifer Newsom,
OBS Leadership Team


  1. Great post, Jennifer! Thanks for sharing your story with us. With God all things are possible in our life! God Bless You! :)

  2. To God be the glory! I have seen God working through you many times in the short time that I have known you! I know HE will continue to use you because you continually seek Him! I am thankful that He has brought us alongside one another!

    I ♥ you, and can't wait to see how He will use you next!

    1. I am so thankful for you! Watching Him work through you has been amazing--you give Him complete control. Thank you for being one of those amazing OBS sisters. Love you!

  3. "I was too busy looking at the size of the enemy, and not enough time looking at the size of my God OR his army."

    This is so POWERFUL!!! Wow!!! I needed this today~

    I agree with Melissa Sherlin 100% , I think the best is yet to come!

  4. Thank you Melissa. For your heart and for your realness. For being one of those OBS sisters. I am so thankful for all of you. For the faith you and Lisa Kramp have in us.
    Always remember: He who is in me is greater than He who is in the world.

  5. Your words spoke volumes to me. This last year has made me focus too much on the voices in my head, drowning the whisper in my heart. I REALLY needed this!

    In His Grace~Tammy

    Thanks for the visit!

  6. Oh Tammy! So glad to hear this verse spoke to you as well. Never underestimate our God OR His army! Hugs!!

  7. I came to your blog after reading your write up on Melissa's blog. I'm so glad I did. Thanks for sharing your experience. I'm notorious for comparing my situation with others, and then having a pity party. I think if I truly saw what the "perfect women" went through, I wouldn't feel that way. The word "persevere" encourages me too - sometimes it's hard to keep going when I fear what the next day might bring or when I think that my work is not making much difference.

    Thanks again!

  8. Thank you for stopping by! I pray for you to persevere whatever situation you are in. No matter what someone else has went through, it is still difficult for us facing our own situations.