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Friday, October 19, 2012

BOP--Biblical Operating Procedure

Doing the Unglued study with Melissa Taylor's OBS has been a blessing. Leading a beautiful group of ladies in this adventure has been an even bigger blessing. Seeing the things they go through is an example of a 'perspective-magnifying opportunity' that Lysa talks about in Chapter 8. Two of such ladies in this group are foreign missionaries. Their lives and what they face have been both an inspiration and a perspective changing opportunity for me.
While I trudge through my 'unglued' experiences, it is important for me to remember several things, aka my BOP--Biblical Operating Procedure, to keep me 'glued'.

1.) Focus. "Keep your eyes on Jesus". I must do this first and foremost. I taught my girls this in homeschool last year with a craft. Rather than look at the storm around me, I must look at the one who calms the storm. (Matthew 14:29-31)

2.) Remember and Rejoice. Often times the same things I prayed for seem to be the things that cause me to be unglued. Be thankful for them! (Eph. 5:20)

3.) Pause. As we learned from Deborah Pegues, "there is power in the pause!" Let the heat of the moment fade. React to the situation--not to the emotion I am feeling. (Prov. 15:1)

4.) Think. How would I like to be spoken to in the same situation? (Romans 12:3)

5.) Respond. Appropriately. (Ps. 19:14)

While I am still making 'imperfect progress', I can see how much this BOP is going to help me. First and foremost crying out to Jesus for His help, His perspective into this situation. This helps for the explosive moments. The stuffing moments? Still working on those..........chisel.........chisel...........

God bless!
Jennifer N, OBS group leader


  1. I LOVE your BOP! It's your Bop on the Hop!

    Jennifer, thank you so much for sharing on the blog hop! Just think, even if we only do #1 in the BOP, what a difference it would make.


    1. Thank you so much! Even if the only thing I can utter before coming unglued is 'Jesus' I am far better off than handling it alone.

  2. Jennifer, I LOVE your BOP!!! I'm so glad you shared this on the Blog Hop. (I may just share it with my group, if you don't mind!) It's awesome ~ concise, and you've given such awesome scripture to reinforce your steps.
    I'm learning so much from all you ladies thru this OBS. God Rocks Thru You!
    OBS Small Group Leader

  3. Absolutely! He is teaching me so much and I hope it can help others. I am learning a lot from y'all too!!